Helping to design ambitious buildings is what Amar Misr Engineering Consultants is best known for.

In addition to its world-class strengths in building engineering, Amar Misr Engineering Consultants offers

a great diversity of design skills and services that address all aspects of form and function in the built environment.

Our approach to design is about width, breadth and depth – from perfecting the tiniest details of a building to managing

complex  multidisciplinary projects and developing living and working spaces for whole communities.

The firm is an expert in designing buildings that create an efficient, safe, comfortable environment for occupants.

With the aid of Building Information Management (BIM), Amar Misr delivers optimum results and benefits

in developing higher quality and more innovative projects from concept stage to completion.

Amar Misr Engineering Consultants does not specialize in a particular style or building type and takes on projects

from modest to massive scale. Our skills and services are focused on enabling clients to achieve sustainable outcomes

for best value that is the reason our portfolio includes diverse, complex, groundbreaking buildings.

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